Hi Guys!

I hope you're all staying safe and well during these confusing and uncertain  times!

On the 19th of March I set up a little digital art donation scheme '10 for 10' to help feel useful in these funny old times.


To get involved simply donate £10 and in return I produce a 10 minute digital portrait which I then email back to you, staying social distancing friendly!

These portraits donate £7 to British Red Cross 'People In Crisis.'

I am of course happy to donate to a charity of your choice if you have any preference.


The extra £3 is a little support for my time since art shows and galleries have understandably had to close.

Your generosity has currently raised a total of £1021, that is £211 towards the NHS 'Test frontline NHS staff for COVID-19 as a priority.' Change.Org petition, £142 for @fieldsoffreedom animal sanctuary, £647 to British Red Cross 'People In Crisis' and £21 to local chosen charities. Currently all donations, unless asked, will now be donated to British Red Cross 'People In Crisis'.


1.No more than 2 humans or 2 pets per sketch or it defeats the time constraint. So please order more than one or double your donation!

2. Email the clearest quality you have of the image- the clearer the image, the much quicker I can make the sketch!

3. Your PayPal donation(s) and photo(s) should be sent to lauraselevos@gmail.com

4. As soon as your image and donation are sent, I'll add your name to the list and I'm doing my best to work through them all as fast as I can, so your patience is most appreciated.

HUGE thanks to everyones efforts so far, it feels so good to be doing something useful right now and I've been totally overwhelmed by your support, so BIG LOVE!


07584 090 245

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